Long Golden And Red Earrings - Longues Boucles d'Oreilles Dorées et Rouges - SEAWAY21

Golden and Red Long Earrings with Beads

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India is a land full of vibrance, and different cultures united together. This feeling of ethnicity is a part of every jewelry ornament that comes from the Indian territory. The long golden chains with authentic red and green beads at the end will make you look authentic and feel closer to the Indian culture.

The white pom-poms at the end of these golden chains enhance the look further as they complement the golden and red hues brilliantly. These Golden and Red Long Earrings with Beads will make you look stunning and will make your facial features look even prettier.

Dress up ethnically and adorn these earrings made by skilled artisans from the cultural streets of India. Let the Indian tradition reflect from your beautiful ornaments.


Length: 13 cm 

Material: Stainless steel

Colors: Gold - Red - Black